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Timeline: Sav PDF Viewer Pro

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  • First release of the app
  • • Added "share" button
    • Added "review" message dialog
  • Fixed a crash in Android 11
  • • Added "top bar"
    • Added "full screen"
  • • Added "total pages"
    • Fixed bug with orientation
  • Fixed bug with last position
  • Added "go to" feature
  • • Added support for PDF protected by password
    • Added button "go to the top"
  • Added button "open new file"
  • Added the night light
  • Fixed fit width when change orientation
  • Added translations
  • • Fixed a bug (page is restored after orientation changing)
    • Fixed a bug (the share feature didn't work correctly)
  • Top bar disappears after 5 seconds of inactivity
  • • Added "menu panel" to optimise the app for small-display devices as well
    • Fixed a bug with "Night light"
    • Improved performance
  • Fixed a small bug
  • Published on F-Droid
  • • Added "Bookmarks": now you can add, remove and manage bookmarks
    • Created the Intagram account of the app!
    • Improved the backend code and the frontend UI
  • • Added "Scrollbar button" feature to navigate faster
    • Fixed many bugs
    • Improved animations (gestures) of bookmarks
    • Disabled Instagram popup