I was born on the 22nd September 1999, in Tricarico (Matera).
I studied in Matera computer science (secondary school).
Now I'm studing at University of Trento, computer science.

I really love the United Kingdom and, in my opinion, the best city is London for opportunities, services, mentality that it can offer you.
Especially I really love the true English language and accent: it's the best.

I really love swimming too. In fact I do swim since I was 5 years old.
My favourite stroke is Breaststroke.
I'm a swimming instructor (1st level - FIN).

And, at the end, I really love the programming.
In particular I love the Web side, so create web site and everything related to that one.

I'm part of Mozilla Italia localisation and developer volunteers teams.
My passions are Swimming, England, and Programming.
I always prefer open-source projects, or at least free.

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