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Timeline: Limite

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  • The very first release of the add-on
  • Fixed some important bugs
  • • New icon
    • Implemented notification
    • Implemented badge
  • Fixed a bug with notification and icon badge
  • • Added the webpage to show all websites and all time spent
    • Fixed a bug with a check
    • Added "Import", "Export", "Delete data" features
  • • Revisited the UI of "All time spent"
    • Show only 7 days per time, so it's easier show websites
    • Added icons in each buttons
    • Added the toggle (switch) of the status directly from "All time spent"
    • Added "categories"
    • Many improvements and some bugs fixed!
    • When the browser lost focus (or minimized) the timer has been paused
  • • Fixed some bugs
    • Added "search" feature in "All websites"
    • Added "cloud" category
    • Added new websites in categories
    • Added "sort-by" feature: tap on the column title to sort by that
    • Some improvements back-end
  • • Fixed a bug with sorting (now the "sort-by" choose remains also when navigate in days, when search and when refresh data)
    • Fixed a screenshot
    • Some minor improvements
  • • Show up to 46 characters as url to avoid UI problems (it's present the "title" hover the url to see the full url)
    • Some minor improvements
  • • Added new column: average
    • Fixed a bug with sort-by-category