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CV Project

Get free stickers with a donation

Experimental initiative
Initiative valid from the 21st May 2021 to the 1st August 2021

If you make a donation of at least 20EUR (or equivalent in your currency), I'll thank you by sending you some stickers!
If you don't use the euro, please use the current exchange rate and, in case, contact me ( where I can support you!
To donate you can use LiberaPay (which I advise#1), PayPal or Ko-fi.
All the earnings will be invested in the app

How To
1. Send a donation (via LiberaPay, PayPal or Ko-fi); of course you can also send more than 20 EUR!
2. Send me an email to with info over which platform (LiberaPay, PayPal or Ko-fi), you made the donation, the time and date when you made the donation and ideally attach a screenshot of the payment (so that I can ensure you are actually the one who made the donation) (to get stickers the amount of the donation must be at least 20โ‚ฌ).
Please also add the full address you want the stickers to be shipped to (full name, address, zip code/postcode, city, county/state, country). I'll delete this data after I shipped the package!
3. I'll inform you when the parcel is shipped
4. Wait for the stickers to arrive and when you received them, feel free to post them on your socials :) using the hashtag #CVProject

What do I get?
The package should contain::
ยท Customised poly mailer (it should be difficult to open, so your stickers stay safe)
ยท A stickers pack (classic, special and holographic)
ยท A handwritten personal thank you letter by me, Sav

Why is the minimum donation for the stickers at 20 EUR?
Unfortunately international shipping is quite pricey and producing stickers isn't cheap either.
I calculated my average totals costs for sending a sticker pack to be around 19โ‚ฌ (so in that case I only have 1 EUR to invest back into the app).

Important: this initiative is meant to encourage donations for the app, it's not "buy a stickers pack for 20โ‚ฌ".
This is an experiment and I'll probably ship the stickers after the end of this initiative in early September 2021.

#1 LiberaPay protects your privacy and your personal data (donations are totally anonymous). Plus on LiberaPay you can choose to donate "one-time" (manual renewal) or "automatic renewal" (of course the ladder one would be very kind).
If you can, use the "Credit/Debit card" or "Direct Debit" methods, because "PayPal" charges expensive fees at my expense.

This app is developed by Saverio Morelli