Some people asked for a native app for Android for Mozilla Common Voice project. So, I decided to develope a modern and user-friendly app, to everyone. It's not official, but it's free and opensource.
It's very easy to use it; it's also modern and smart. The main goal is to improve the user experience, about mobile-android side.
Mozilla* thinks and app is useless because of there is the website, which is responsive and mobile-friendly. In my opinion, a native android app can just improve the project. It's an additional tool for users and contributors. In addition, the website is too full of graphic effects and animations that distract you. The website is slow and there are many bugs to fix.
I started the project development confidently, although I knew it would have been difficult (also because doesn't exist official documentation). I've done Reverse engineering, using many tools - using Network of Firefox DevTools.
Also this, such as the most of my projects, is open-source, free and available, of course, on Github.
From there you can download the source, contribute to development, report a bug, make a suggestion or idea, ask questions, ect.
You can translate the project in your language on Crowdin.
At the moment, the project is translated in Italian, French, Basque, Interlingua, Swedish and English (of course!)

You can download the app on Google Play Store, Aptoide, Github and (soon) F-droid.

Some features of the app:
  • See Statistics and Voices online just with a tap
  • Validate clips
  • Log-in to own Common Voice account, so you can see progress easily
  • Badges** and Levels** to demonstrate you're the best
  • Customise the app experience: choose your language, your theme (light/dark) and other
  • Auto-play when clip is loaded in the Listen section

If you have something in your mind, maybe questions, please open an issue on Github; you can contact me also on Telegram (@Sav22999).

Stitistics and data

Just after 1 month (26 Dec 2019 - 24 Jan 2020), the app counts 13 active users per day***, and they increse daily.
There are users from Italy, France, the UK, Poland, and others!

The app is translated by contributors in some languages****.

* some workers. Mozilla doesn't have release any opinion.
** they are unofficial; it's an initiative of the app to encourage to contribute
*** last update: 24 January 2020
**** last update: 02 February 2020

Useful links
Translate the project on Crowdin
Download the app on Google Play Store
Download the app on F-droid
Download the app on Aptoide
Project on Github
Official website of Mozilla Common Voice
MozItaBot on Telegram: it's the official bot of the Mozilla Italia community