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Offline mode

Last update: 2021-10-29

The offline mode is the feature which permits you to contribute to Common Voice also when you don't have an Internet connection.
When offline mode is turned on (default setting) you can validate up to 50 clips and record up to 50 sentences. You can skip or report them as well.
Since the release you can customise this number in Settings > Offline mode (50>500).

How does it work?
The app download 50 clips and 50 sentences every time on your device and it sends to the Mozilla server just when you have an Internet connection again.

How can you enable or disable the Offline mode?
Since the 2.2 you are able to disable this feature, just go to Settings, then Offline mode and you can turn on (green) or off (red) the toggle.

How can you know if you are using the Offline mode or the "normal mode"?
In Listen and Speak you will see at the top-left corner the "no-wifi" icon. It's the Offline mode icon, which indicates you are using it. If you tap that icon you will be able to see also the clips or recordings residual.

This app is developed by Saverio Morelli