After a discussion with Mozilla, the app has been renamed to "CV Android". You can follow the full discussion and leave your comment here on Mozilla Discourse.

I want to specify, as usual, this project is developed just to improve the Common Voice project, because the website on mobile has many issues.

News in 2.0:
  • New UI and UX: the User interface is now modern, smart and clear
  • Offline mode: now you can validate and record also if you aren't connected to the Internet*
  • New animations (you can turn off in Settings)
  • New options in Settings, to customise more the app
  • New Telegram group: @common_voice_android
  • New options in Dashboard: App statistics, Top contributors
  • Sending validations and recordings in background
  • Fixed many many bugs

Actually, the app has been developed (basically) from scratch. It should be also faster than before!
The first-run tutorial has been updated.
When you upgrade to 2.0 you will need to log in again. Please, before to open the app, clear (just once) the "data".

Remember if you want to buy me a coffee, you can do it from PayPal or Ko-fi:

The website of "CV Android" is now more beautiful and simple than before:
Below some screenshots of the new release of CV Android.

*Validate max 50 clips and record max 50 sentences. These clips and sentences have an expiring date.

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Mozilla Discourse discussion
CV Android website
CV Android on GitHub
CV Android on F-Droid
CV Android on Google Play